quilt one.

cot quilt © 2014 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

As this is a very belated first post for the year, I thought I would share another first. My first quilt! Made for the exciting arrival of a close friend’s first baby due this month. Making a quilt was one … Continue reading

garden twenty thirteen.

Home grown parsnips © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

Our first year growing veggies was encouraging. We grew parsnips, sugar snaps, garlic, broad beans, lots of parsley and rocket, lemon grass which is not ready to eat but thriving,  and all in pots and a raised bed.  We chose … Continue reading

ten years.

full moon sm © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

Sean and I recently celebrated 10 years together at Halls Gap in The Grampians this month. We stayed in an old house with an overgrown garden filled with roses and camellias and so many cicadas that we had to put … Continue reading

a sprig of parsley.

sprig of parsley © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

Fresh parsley is one of my favourite herbs,  I especially love the smell when cutting through a bunch of crispy fresh stems.  Actually the smell always reminds me of when I was little and Nanna would get me to help … Continue reading

variegated nasturtium.

nasturtium © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

I grew these colours from little brown seeds pushed into brown earth.  I have progressed from being a windowsill gardener to an actual backyard gardener for 4 months now and I’m not sure that I could go back to a … Continue reading

leaf study.

dried leaves 1 © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

The leaves in these photo’s escaped the green bin this week and are now laying prettily till next collection. They will most likely be mulched by the council but at least I have some photos and can share their beautiful … Continue reading


pressed geranium © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

This week I finished reading “The Paper Garden” by Molly Peacock.  It became a little morning ritual, moving a chair into a sunny spot by our bedroom window, making a cup of tea and reading a chapter of Mary Granville … Continue reading

pips and blossoms crownlet.

Tina's wedding © 2012 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

One of my favourite pieces for the year was made for beautiful bride Tina. Made with hundreds of hand wrapped vintage pips and petite handmade blossoms in a natural linen. Her wedding looked so faultless from her beautiful smile, stunning … Continue reading

leafy green.

dried fig leaves © 2012 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

  I have spent the last few weeks sorting, packing, painting and cleaning and tidying and cleaning and tidying again as we prepare to move. Although it’s not as big a move as our last  (London to Melbourne), it’s a … Continue reading


melon roses button © 2012 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

It’s that time of year again when I get in the mood to make colourful pieces.  I have been following Melbourne designers/artists Miranda Skoczek, Harvest Textiles and peaches + keen on instagram to get my daily fix of popping neons.  Their incredibly … Continue reading

raspberry and coconut.

raspberry coconut ice-cream © 2012 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

I had such a nice start to spring this weekend, baking bread (burning bread!), making a batch of raspberry and coconut ice-cream, having a nice long Sunday lunch with family and catching up with more family via skype.  I thought … Continue reading

two hundred petals.

Linen floral crown © 2012 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

Eleven hand shaped linen flowers and approximately 200 petals make up this floral crown… An order I made for a bride a little while ago that I have been meaning to share.  Still one of my favourite pieces… and favourite … Continue reading